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XF Photonics has been becoming one of leading professional manufacturers in high precision optical components and optical assemblies.  Its professional services range from designing/ODM, developing to manufacturing/OEM high performance, affordable quality components for various industries. XF Photonics has staff of over 200 comprised of a very skilled team of fabricators, mechanical engineers, process engineers, optical engineers and coating designers, and over 8500 square meter of manufacturer area located in Fuzhou, Fujian, China. We have whole production lines from cutting, polishing, coating to inspection process, including flat optical and spherical optics. XF Photonics carried out ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO14001 environment system.

XF Photonics always pay attention to quality production and keep high quality to customers with advanced metrology instrument and impeccable quality assurance system. XF Photonics has most advanced metrology instruments, including ZYGO GPI-XP Interferometers, Lambda 950 Spectrophotometer, Trioptics OptoSpheric Lens measurement system, Trioptics Prism Master .5” Angle measurer, LensCheck -MTF testing and analysis, Collimator,3D digital CMM etc. XF Photonics also has advanced production equipments, including Cutting machines, Spherical Milling Machines, Plano Milling Machines, Precision Polishing Machines, High Speed Polishing Machine, Profiling Machines, Vacuum Coating Machines, and Ultrasonic Cleaning Lines.


XF Photonics Co.,Ltd serves a lot of worldwide markets, we can provide various optical components for windows, prisms, lenses, mirrors, crystal, filters, waveplates, beamsplitters, polarizers, also including optical assembly and optical communications and so on. It is available for us to provide all these optical components not only in standard design, but also in customized design. Its diversified products are widely used in the field of automation, security monitoring, defense, medical, biotech, construction, telecommunication, military and various other high-tech industries. 


XF Photonics Co.,Ltd provides its customers with the best value of expertise, quality products and competitive price, we are always ready to establish friendly and lasting business relations with every possible customer.